Mi Sombra In Spotlight of Shepmates

Mi Sombra In Spotlight of Shepmates GS-N, JS-E, RS-N, Chica

Chica is a co-project with Mira Laitila and Nina Krammer, Chica’s breeder. Once I got to know Cinner’s offspring (Chica’s mom) and their good qualities I made a reservation on her last litter. And stars fell in right places and Mira was looking for a new dog. We made a common arrangement and got a VERY nice pup once again. I hope Chica will keep developping as she has done so far; she is very friendly, happy, gready and playful pup indeed!

chica showing what we want

Owner: Mira Laitila
Breeder: Nina Krammer, Mi Sombra aussies
Breeding options on Shepmate’s aussies.

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