Mi Sombra In Spotlight of Shepmates

Mi Sombra In Spotlight of Shepmates GS-N, JS-E, RS-N, Chica


Chica is a co-project with Mira Laitila and Nina Krammer, Chica’s breeder. Once I got to know Cinner’s offspring (Chica’s mom) and their good qualities I made a reservation on her last litter. And stars fell in right places and Mira was looking for a new dog. We made a common arrangement and got a VERY nice pup once again.
Mira and Chica have started to trial in agility and obedience and working dog trials so far. Chica is in the third class in agility and has a very nice obedience start with 196/200 points. Chica’s titles are BH, GS-O, JS-E, RS-O.


Chica in finnish kennel club database (link)

Owner: Mira Laitila
Breeder: Nina Krammer, Mi Sombra aussies
Breeding options on Shepmate’s aussies.

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