PAIM-2 Shepmate’s Evidence of Sanity ATDsd, STDc, Esme

Esme was the first born and made it clear that she knows what she wants from the beginning. Great pup with good playdrive, apetite and very curious and stable mind. Esme was the one to be found on someones lap, she was the most affectionate of the girls I think. Esme is training herding and agility as her main sports.
Esme trialed her STDs titles in the spring 2017, at the age of 10 months! Now she has trialed ATDsd and STDc titles with very limited trial opportunities. Esme is also in the second highest herding class in traditional herding. 
esme has started in agility too and boy, there is speed in her 😀 

Esme is very keen on working, very driven and persistent. She is fast, agile and she has enermous play drive. yet she is easy to live with and is social with other animalas and people. Esme is ok with new situations, new places, noises, slippery surfaces etc. She has all the pieces needed for a great working and sport dog. 

Owner: Paula Collin
Esme in koiranet
Esme in agility VIDEO
Esme in agility2 VIDEO

ja sisarukset Halla ja Iizi

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