Frogpeak’s Mighty Good Lovin

Kuru 2020 syyskuussa 2-vuotiaana nuorena herrana,
kuva Mari Hakala

Frogpeak’s Mighty Good Lovin, Kuru

Kuru is our Canadien prospect 😀

Friendly, very well focusing, razor sharp (from brain) pup from Frog Peak farm. This pup also came  with perfect start provided by Irene Manley. Kuru’s sister, Revvy also came to Finland and she is also a big prospect! Irene kept the pups for 16 weeks and they arrived with some extra nice add-ons like puppy class obedience tricks, great body balance and I-have-seen-evertyhing-attitude :-D. Kuru will have his career in agility and herding and probably in some other sports too 😀

Kuru’s breeder: Irene Manley, Frog peak aussies, Canada

Kuru’s owners: Laura Ruissalo (handler), Pia Hjerppe (kennel Ardiente) and Hansu Laitala (kennel Shepmate’s)

Kuru in koiranet database
Kuru photos from Mari Hakala

Kuru’s pedigee:

Kuru syyskuu 2020, kuva Mari Hakala

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