Onni Puuvinku, ONNI alias Ruotsin Prinssi

Onni on oikea onnen poika, useamman kerran kotia edellisestä parempaan vaihtanut herrasmies asustaa tällä hetkellä Malmössä ja nauttii lähes prinssimäistä statusta tätini luona. Onni on todellinen persoona, jota ei voi kuin rakastaa!

Onni is a word for happiness in Finnish and this little guy sure has had his share of happiness and good luck in his life.

First, as a pup, he was saved from an animal shelter on the last day and he spent some very nice years being my wingman. He sure thought he was an aussie, he knew all the stuff aussies knew and he would have been a great trial dog if he just knew how to be quiet…After our family grow with the kids, Onni made it clear that there was not enough lapspace for him anymore and currently he is living as a Swedish Prince and takes yacht journeys in his sailing boat…and he deserves it. Thank you Helena and Jan for giving Onni a perfect home!

breed: mix breed, breeder unknown
owner: Helena and Jan Dressel-Tuononen

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