ASCA agility was a great success for Juku and Chica, lots of new titles for both of them!!!

Pizu and Purri have trialed in rally obedience, and achieved  some nice results too, jei!!!

Hilma has moved to live with daddy-X and Mari. She is also checked to be healthy hips A/A, elbows 0/0 and back is also clear! Kuva Mari Hakala

Indi stated her agility career with a BANG and nice win! Congrats to Elisabeth and Indi!

Shepmate’s Winter training camp 26. – 28.1.2018. to all our dogs, pups and friends!

Pizu, (Shepmate’s Clever Ace) has trialed in FCI herding. He has earned his PAIM-E and PAIM1-titles!! Good boy

Turbo (Ardiente Mal PIrata) has got his first Championship from Rally Obedience!!! Conrats and I am more than sure that we can anjoy several championships more in a shot time!

Keen (Shepmate’s Clever Girl) has trialed in obedience with huge success! The work Keen and Klaudia do is just a joy to watch!

video of the trial
Photo Klaudia Zsymanska

Juku (Shepmate’s Clever Mastermind) has passed the final night time test and he is now AN OFFICIAL SEARCH AND RESCUE DOG. It is safe to get lost near Nokia now!!! Huge congrats to Miia and Juku and thank yous for being out there for us all!!! photo: Miia Mäkelä

Ketku (Shepmate’s All-In) has a new title!! RTK1 aka rally obedience title 😀 Nice new career ahead! photo: Sanna Jyrävänkoski

Mahtis (Shepmate’s Clever Brain) has also been in ASCA agility with great results JS-O and GS-O! photo: Mari Rissanen

Chica (Mi Sombra in The Spotlight of Shepmate’s) has been really busy in agility! Chica has GS-N, JS-E and RS-N titles from ASCA and also first CERT from FCI agility! Wow! Mira and Chica got a BH-title with very nice performance 😀 We are just waiting how far these two will go…! photo: Mira Laitila

Hulta has trialed in rally-obedience and she is now RTK1 Shepmate’s Big Pot of Gold, ONNEA Tanja ja Hultsikultsi 😀 Photo: Tanja Katajisto

Turbo has done marwllous job with Cari in Sweden! Congrats to this super-team!!! Turbo is in highest class in both SAR and tracking!!! photo: Cari Rörström

Finnish working dog Championships had a very special team this year! Two of our own dogs were participating and many friends too. Congratulations to all of them!!! Below Giusa and Kosti featured. Giusa’s photos: Sporttirakki.

Pizu has started his trial career in rally obedience and in BH-test. Both went Super well and the little fireball is really cashing out all my expectations <3 <3

We have a new pup in the pack 🙂 Welcome Hilma and Hanna to our Shepmate’s gang 🙂

Halla has been training for her  therapy dog career and there is a nice video of the canine therapy!Â

Esme has been in ASCA herding trials in Netherlands and she earned her STDs-title!!! way to go girls!

Mira and Chica have been running agility with nice runs! Chica got her JS-N title from ASCA agility trials! Chica was also examined to be healthy little creature 🙂

Esteri and Marjukka have been in Finnish Championships in Canine swimming and they got Silver medal!!! WOW! There was only two attendants but hey, still it is a Silver medal!!!

Ketku keeps on running Finnish Campionship agility trials, He is nine and still in full action! Ketku and Sanna make a Super Couple together!!!


Ville was in ASCA agility trials in the age of 11 years and 5 months and this is what he got 😀  pretty well from this charming old Gentleman!!!

Kasi started his agility career and also attended the official dog show. He got very good from Päivi Eerola!

Juku has trialed in rescue trials and got ecxellent evaluations from all parts of the test!

Mahtis has started his career in obedience with 180 / 200 and kp! Great work!!! Mahtis was also in ASCA agility trials and did great!!!

Tanja and Giusa finished the WTCH-title!!! Congrats! They have also trialed in special search with great results and new title EK1!

Giusa is a Super dog indeed! She is also attending the Finnish Championships in Search and Rescue in August.

Miia and Juku started their career at rally-obedience with humble attitude and 100/100 points 😀 😀 Congrats!!!

Summer and autumn and beginning of spring 2017…

Mirva and Kepsi have passed the official SAR dog test and Kepsi is now an official and active SAR dog!!!

Tanja and Giusa have trialed in search and rescue, Giusa is now in the highest class and has a title HK3

Ketku is Finnish aussie club’s Agility dog of the year 2016!!!! Second time in a row, WOW!

Mahtis has started his trial career in agility!! Boy he is fast 🙂

Some healthresults updated to the info page.

X has gotten two litters in the beginning of 2017

We lost Sire, he got old and it was time to go. He was an extra ordinary aussie!

3.7. Well, A LOT has happened since the last update...

Nuca got three beautiful girls <3,

nuca puppies

Juku (Shepmate’s Clever Mastermind) passed his BH-test, congrats Miia and Juku! Julu also made his show debyt with EH = very good evaluation 😀      2016-JUKU

Klaudia and Keen (Shepmate’s Clever Girl) made their obedience debyt and with flying colors, lovely work indeed! Photos from the trial: Justyna Ukleja

2016 KEEN 2016 KEEN2

Kosti (Shepmate’s Billy the Kid) trialed in search and got his first 1-price from the highest class, awesome job from this couple!!! Kosti has aso been on obedience trials and he did nicely there too 😀 Photo Ninni Koso

2016 KOSTI

Tanja and Giusa (Dazzling Spirit in the Nick of Time) have been trialing in tracking and search and they have got two new titles JK2 and HK1! Great work!!!


Ketku (Shepmate’s All-in) was in Finnish agility Championships and had very nice runs, Sanna and Ketku are a wonderful team!


Hikka (Shepmate’s Solar Cell) works as a therapy dog and she is making many people very happy in their distress. Such a big hearted girl <3 <3

2016 HIKKA

Päivi and Pietu (Sugarwind’s Gold) went to Sweden to get Pietu’s MH-test done, thank you Päivi! Photo Ninni Koso

2016 PIETU

Turbo (Ardiente Mal Pirata) and Cari have been busy and Turbo is way high in all possible sports 🙂

2016 turbo

Lysti, (Ardiente Fuego Rojo) got her health results and she will have a long and healthy life full of great activities ahead of her!


We had our annual summer camp and a little bit different theme this time…it was great to see everyone and can’t wait to see you again 😀

Ninni’s wonderful training camp photos can be found from here!

And Purri also got her babies, eight feisty pupsters are here 🙂

2016 purri pennut

8.4 Purri started her cycle and our trip to Texas is about to start!

3.3.2016 Nuca started her cycle and we have hopes for May puppies 🙂 Ask for more if you are interested in a nice working dog!


Early 2016: Beret’s Mouzer earned his WTCH-title with a bang, super performance and points on cattle and HIgh in trial award, High in trial cattle and high in trial non-wtch-prices…wow 😀 Mouzer is the sire in Purri’s litter in the spring 2016

Early 2016: Sad news from Mira and Tinka (Netop Cante Tinza), the dam of our B-litter. Tinka had a mysterious illness that took her away all too early. The best guess for diagnosis was IMHA.

Early 2016 Nuca and Purri both had nice clear eyes on eye checks!

Early 2016; Kepsi was awarded the best newcomer title from her SAR club!

Early 2016: Kosti started his obedience career with nice result, congrats!!!

Early 2016: Purri trialed in rally-obedience again and got her final leg for RTK2-title 🙂

Early 2016; three puppies from Clever-litter have started their careers in unofficial trials. Juku, Keen and Mahtis did great depytes and it seems they have a wonderful career ahead!!!

The end of 2015: We got a new member to our pack! Mira was lucky enough to get a pup out of Nina Krammer’s Cinner’s last litter and we have a very great breeding deal with Mira and Chica 😀

17.10 Kosti (Shepmate’s Billy the Kid) got the HK3 title from the highest class in SAR!!! That is just awesome! And Kosti and Jenni got very nice points too!!!

1kosti hakee2

17.10 Purri (Heatrthstone’s U Bet Iam) got her RTK1-title from rally-obedience 😀 A lot of fun for both of us to learn something totally new 😀 😀

RTK1 purri

14.10 Pizu’s one-year standing photos  🙂

pizu1015aaaa pizu1015ab

11.10 Redi (TK1 Shepmate’s U Bet I Can) and Mariia in obedience again and now they finished Redi’s TK1 title. That was fast and neat work from this couple!!!

2015 redi tk1

10.10 Pipsa (Shepmate’s Awesome) trialed in Rally obedience (class 2) and got a good result! Great work from Tuula and Pipsa 😀

4.10 Redi (Shepmate’s U Bet I Can) and Mariia in obedience again and very nice first price result!!! Congrats to both of you!


3.10 Shepmate’s Winter Camp dates are 8. – 10.1.2016! Obedience, SAR, agility, rally-obedience and lots of good time!

2016winter camp

27.9 Redi (Shepmate’s Bet U I Can) started his obedience career with very nice result of 194 / 200 points and a honor price!! Congrats to Redi and his handler, we are sure we hear about this little fellow soon again!!! 🙂

2015 redi

24.9. Ketku (Shepmate’s All-In) trialed in obedience for the first time and got 190/200 points!!! Great start and I am sure we will see more of these from Ketku and Sanna!!


13.9. Purri in a show and *very good* evaluation ==> She became an obedience and herding CHAMPION!!! WOW, what a girl 🙂


8.9. Puppy page is updated 😀

8.9 Uusi artikkeli aussien kasvattamisesta ja luonteesta, suosittelen kaikille rotua harkitseville ja myös rodussa jo oleville ihmisille 😀

6.9 Turbo (Ardiente Mal Pirata) has been trialing in many venues with big success as always 😀 And he has got himself a new title from rally-obedience RLN1 🙂 Congrats on Cari and Super-Turbo 😀

6.9 Pipsa (Shepmate’s Awesome) won in agility trials and earned her Agi SERT and competes in maxi2-class now! Congrats to the Porche!!!

2015 pipsaaksa

5.9. Ville (Shepmate’s Super Power) has attended the reagional championships  in agility and they won GOLD!!! GO Ville GO :-D!!

4.9. Kepsi (Shepmate’s Bells and Whistles) and Mirva have gotten PERA-A and PEJÄ-A results from SAR tests!!! That is an awesome achievement and Kepsi is very near to be an official rescuedog, gtear work from these girls this year!!!!

2015 kepsi

5.9. Kosti (Shepmate’s Billy the Kid) and Jenni trialed in SAR and got a nice result and the HK2-title!!! Congrats!



23.8. Purri got her last first price result from third class in traditional FCI herding and now she has all the herding results to become a FCI HERDING CHAMPION!!! That’s my little girl rocking 😀

14.8. Ville (FI MVA Shepmate’s Super Power) trialed in ASCA agilty and did three qualifying rins and got himself a new cool title JV-N, Good work old fellow!


8.-9.8 ASCA trials in Kitee: Purri ATDs, OTDd and STDc titles!!! And Reko (BH, PAIM-E Sakonnet Wanted Man) OTDs and STDcd-titles + High in Trial Open award!


28.7 Purri in elite winners obedience and firts price and TK4-title!!!! now we need onlt he show result to became a Finnish Obedience Champions 😀 That didn’t take too long after we started to really train 🙂


27.7 Purri in elite winners obedience (FCI class3 = EVL) first price and a class win!!!

26.7. Purri trialed again in traditional herding and got her second first price result with honors, Awesome girl indeed!

25.7. Purri trialed in traditional herding trial (FCI) and got ecxellent result and new PAIM3 title!!!

23.7. Kepsi (PEHA-A, PEHA-B Shepmate’s Bell’s and Whistles) and Mirva trialed in SAR and did great + passed their class and got the PEHA-B-title, Great little rescue princess 😀

19.7. Purri (Hearthstone’s U Bet Iam) trialed in Finnish aussie club’s traditional herding trial (FCI) and got ecxellent result and new PAIM2 title

2015purripaimenKuva: Hennariikka Taskinen

1.7. Giusa (VK1, JK1, TK2, BH Dazzling Spirit in The Nick of Time) trialed in tracking and got a new cool title JK1! congrats to Tanja and Giusa!

giusa seuraa3

24.6. Mäihä (Temptation’s Lucky One) has A/A hips, 0/0 elbows and clear back 🙂 Excellent news!!!!

16.6. Reko (BH, Paim-E Sakonnet Wanted Man STDs) passed his BH-test! Congrats to Mari and Reko-man!!!

reko ja mari3

16.6. Ketku took part in Finnish agility Championships and had nice runs 🙂

8.6 Hulta is an official therapy dog now 🙂 Congratulations and all the best for this important career!!

2015 hulta kaveri

23.5. Giusa trialed in obedience (winners class) and got an awesome result 310/320 and won her class over 10 dogs!!! Great work girls!

giusa pallolle5

24.5 Kepsi took part in SAR test and passed the PEHA-A class. Congratulations to Mirva and Kepsi!

19.5. Purri was awarded the Regional tracking Championship title from our Kennel club! She had the best tracking result in our area during the year 2014 🙂


19.5. Turbo has trialed in winners class (class3) in obedience with great results and first prices and now he is in the highest class in obedience! Such a great boy!
Turbo did also his MH-test with honors, very nice performance here is a film about it:

2015 turbo voi

18.5. Hulta got her agility sert and now she is competing in the agi2 class! Good work girls 🙂

2015 hulta agi

9.5. Pipsa and Tuula finished the first class in rally obedience with only three trials and few days!!! So Pipsa has a new fancy title in front of her name 🙂 RTK1 Congrats!!!

2015 pipsa

26.4. Purri entered the obedience elite winners class for the first time…and got the first price results with extreme points 301,5 / 320, won her class and got a honor price 😀


Early April: Health updates (genetest results) on Purri, Pizu, Nuca and X and Kosti is now neutered.


Early March: A new addition arriwed 🙂 Pietu aka Sugarwind’s Gold moved to live with Päivi


24.2. Summer camp dates are 1. – 5.7.2015 / Kannus this year. Let me know if you are coming, we offer normal activities: obedience, agility, tracking, SAR, herding, rally-obedience and lots of fun time with great people and dogs!

15.2. We have new members in Shepmate’s Team, Laura and Lysti have joined us via Pia’s and my common interests 🙂


31.1.2015 Photos from the puppies from 5th to 8th weeks and photos from our training camp 🙂
Puppies photos
Training camp photos

dogs are golden10

27.1.2015 Nuca’s spinal results came back and she is perfect from inside out so far 🙂

27.1.2015 Purri trialed in obedience and entered the winners class for the first time. She did fairly well considering her long motherhood vacation and rather fast fixing of the distance control and scent discrimination…She got 275,5 points, first price and won her class 🙂 Good girl 🙂 photo: Ninni Koso 🙂


2.1. Our winter training camp starts today and we will be spending great time together with friends and trainings!
December 2014 Nuca’s official health results came and she has A/A hips, 0/0 elbows and 0/0 knees, healthy girl 🙂

31.10 Puppies had their health and eye checks on Tuesday and everything was in right order 🙂 The also have got their official names and registeration numbers 🙂 Now they are good to go to their new wonderful families, it will be very sad for us we have really enjoyed these puppies!!!

18.10 Ketku started his tracking career and got his JK1-title!!! Congratulations 🙂

10.10 Some good news: Nuca was excepted to kennel club’s obedience trining group where the aims are in quite hight levels 🙂

9.10. Qlan went to play with Valto, her elbow never got better and she had developed a bad arthritis into it after the surgery. My deepest condolences to Cari too.

29.9. Valto passed away form us, that really broke my heart. His illness was not better with medication and Päivi made the hard but right decission. Thank you Päivi for giving him such a wonderful home and life!

27.9. Kosti got his first title HK1, with very nice performance on ther woods!!! Congratulations Jenni and Kosti!!! Great work 🙂

9.9.2014 Puppies are here 🙂

the whole punch2

28.8.2014 Purri is MDR1 normal / normal by parentage, since her dad, Spur (HOF WTCH Misty Ridge Spur of W Lazy J RTDcs PATDcs) is normal and her mom Bet (HOF WTCH W Lazy J U Betcha) is normal 🙂

27.8. Puppies are starting to fill the belly 🙂


4.8.14 We will have puppies!!! Ultrasound was positive today 🙂

Lots of excellent news from our dogs:
Ketku achieved his FIN H-AVA title (agility champion) and RS-N and JS-N agility titles in ASCA trial!! Awesome speed as well 🙂

Turbo has trialed in obedience with very nice results and also in tracking with a class win and ticket to the higher class!

turbo ja pullo
Reko got his STDs title and first leg to his STDd title. Reko also has his official health results B/B and 0/0 and healthy back as well.

2014reko lampailla
Purri trailed in stockdog trials and got new OTDs-title. She also got one OTDd leg and STDc leg. Purri achieved high in trial started-ribbon  with her cattle run 🙂 and high in trial combined-ribbon as well!!!

2014 purriasca

Purri is travelling to Austria on 8.7.2014 to meet Lucky 🙂 So in few weeks we hopefully have good news 🙂

7.7.2014 Super weekend behind!!! Tanja and Giusa placed 3th in Finnish obedience Championships (open class)!!! Sanna and Ketku placed 4th in Finnish open Agility Championships!!!! And Ville got BOB-vet, BOS and VET-sert placements from a dogshow in Pärnu 🙂 These are amazing achievements and demand VERY much from the ownersd and the dogs!!!

Photos from our summer training camp, thank you all, it was a lot of fun as always!!!!

Puppyplans are finally locked. Purri will be bred to The Highlight of Roustabout, Lucky, see more from the puppypage

Ketku has been going like mad in agility, that is an awesome team; Sanna and Ketku!! Pipsa has got nice stearing on ”the Porche” and a win in agility!!! Good work! Kosti got an approved BH-test with a good performance! Giusa trialed for the first time in report and got her VK1- title, she will go fast and furious!!! Purri trialed in tracking and got the JK2 title :-)!

SUMMERCAMP 28.6. – 1.7.2014 remember to save the date  🙂 We have at least herding, tracking, SAR, obedience and agility available 🙂

Hulta was in a dog show and got a very nice judgement + Excellent evaluation and was third in bitches class out of 13 girls. Hulta is a very nice example of a moderate girl 🙂

Norris jumped onto the next class in agility! He sure has a great speed and motivation for making Mira run!!!  Congrats 🙂

We had a traditional training camp with punch of young dogs, lots of fun and good trainings!

I tried to make a Purri movie. The camera girl has been Henna, thank you!!! The ”movie” is here Purri training and playing 🙂

Redi got his health results hips A/A, elbows 0/0 and back was clear too 🙂

Shepmate’s Super Charge, Jesse had his eyes checked and his eyes are still bright and clear 🙂 and Valto is now neutered.

Shepmate’s Super puppies are already 8 years old, so the time flies 🙂 Congrats to all the sweeties and warm thoughts to the angle boys and their families.

I met Redi and Kepsi couple of weeks ago and both kids were simply great 🙂 Happy, playful dogs with very nice presence 🙂

Ketku has puppies in Puuttomantorpan kennel

Fall news: Shepmate’s Super Charge, Jesse, got his second first price result from SAR and needs only one more to became a WTCH!!! Awesome work!   Kepsi, Shepmate’s Bells and Whistles passed her BH-test!!!!! Giusa trialed in open obedience and got a very nice first price result 🙂 Hulta started her trial career in agilty, good work from the Girlgang 🙂 Norris has also been trialing in agility and he has earned new 0-results too!!! Ketku has lso been trialing agility with great success, Sanna and Ketku make a GREAT team!!! Hulta has been sterilized and Redi has been neutered.

We have two new members in our pack; Nuca Mi Sombra Early Summit Race and Turbo, Ardiente Mal Pirata. Both these pups have great co-own homes and we have high hopes that they will rock the aussieworld in the future!!!

Ketku is having a litter with Puttomantorpan Taivaan Lahja at Kennel Puuttomantorpan.

Good and bad news about Valto; good news Hips A/B and elbows 0/0 🙂

X and Naava puppies were born in Kennel Ardiente!!!

Purri trialed in FCI herding trials and achieved PAIM-E title with ease (94 /100 points) and PAIM-1 title with a little bit wilder performance (60/75) but still it was worth the ecxellent result 🙂 Now she is PAIM-1, JK1 Hearthstone’s U Bet Iam STDsd.

Purri trialed in ASCA obedience under judge Andrea Hoffman and got her first CD leg with 196 / 200 points 🙂

Spessu trialed in ASCA herding trial and now he is officialy Silverledge Special Effort STDsd. Good work Elina and Spessu!!! And few weeks later he achieved PAIM-E title in FCI herding trials!!!!

Reko trialed his first herding trial and got his firts STDs leg 🙂

Purri trialed in Finnish team Championships in obedience and placed 4/88 in the started class and got a nice first price result. Not bad for her first obedience trial ever 🙂 Giusa was in the same trial and she was tenth and got a nice first price result too!

Simo (Shepmate’s ACDC) is looking for a new forever home, contact Heljä for more info

X (Hullabaloo’s X Inspirator) is going to have a litter in Finland, ask for more 🙂

20. – 23.6. 2013 We had our traditional midsummer training camp and got a huge amount of trainings and saw nice progress in herding, tracking, search, obedience, agility and in a new area; rally toko. Had a wonderful time and I was happy to see everyone and also it was nice to witness the hard work people had done with their dogs!

Summer 2013

KETKU (FI AVA, VK1 Shepmate’s All-In)  got his FI AVA-title, my firt home bred AGILITY CHAMPION!

TINKA ( KVA, VK3, HK2 Netop Cante Tinza STDsdc) got her WORKING TRIAL CHAMPIONSHIP-title!!! Congrats to both Mira and the Super-mom 🙂

Purri (Heartstone’s U Bet Iam) trialed in tracking and got her JK1-title 🙂

Norris (Hearthstone Choco) has been trialing in agility and it seems that he has a fair amount of speed in him 🙂 Also Ville has been on agility fields competing and some nice news from there also!

Giusa (Dazzling Spirit in the Nick of Time)  has trialed in obedience with nice results!

Hikka (Shepmate’s Solar Cell) has been trialing in special search and almost finished her double WTCH-title already

Spring 2013

Spessu (Silverledge Special Effort) A/A, 0,0

Kosti (Shepmate’s Billy the Kid) A/A, 0,0

Hulta (Shepmate’s Big Pot of Gold) A/A 0,0 (selkämuutos)

Qlan (Shepmate’s Bed of Roses) B/B, 1/2

November: Giusa’s (Dazzling Spirit in the Nick of Time) hips and elbows were perfect A/A, 0/0!

4.11.2012 One era is over. For good. RIP Viksu. It might take some time to get back into the saddle.

October; Pipsa ja Ramona siirtyivät Tuulan ja Leenan omistukseen, ISOT kiitokset molemmille loistavista kodeista ja kivasta seurasta vuosien varrella!!!!

October: Giusa got into a serious training group that heads to Finnish Championships in obedience

October: Finally we got the results about Ansa; she had cancer in her lungs 🙁

3.10 X:lle hieno BH-titteli, X passed his BH-test!

25.9. Hikalle 171 / 200 alo toko ja TK1 titteli lisää rivistöön :-), Hikka got the TK1 obedience title

20.9.2012 Lot’s of new results for the gang!!! Congratulations to all of you, I am so proud and happy 🙂 Sad news about Ansa and Olavi too 🙁

Viksu kisasi palveluskoirakokeiden ylimmässä luokassa jäljellä ensimmäistä kertaa ja nappasi itselleen uuden koulutustunnuksen JK3, on se vaan hieno likka!!!

Purri (Heartstone’s U Bet I am) ja Norris (Heartstone’s Choco) suorittivat molemmat BH-kokeensa liehuvin lipuin ja vallan komeasti!!! Samaiset tyypit kisasivat myös paimennuksessa ASCA kisoissa elokuussa; ja Purri veti itselleen STDsd tittelit ja high combined voiton + todella kivat sijoitukset kaikissa elukoissa. Norris tempaisi toisen ankka legin ja on näin ollen STDd tittelin ylpeä omistaja!

Spessu, Silverledge Special Effort aloitti paimennusuransa näppärästi suorittamalla legit sekä lampailta, että ankoilta, hienon näköistä menoa pojalta!!!

Giusa, (Dazzling Spirit in the Nick of Time) tokoili yli 190 pisteen suorituksella itselleen luokkavoiton, hienot ruusukkeet ja pokaalin! Hieno tokoaloitus!

Hikka käväisi kisaamassa Carina Ranteella luokka voiton ja 190 pisteen verran!!! Ei hattumpaa ei hattumpaa! Onnea!!!

Huonoja ja hyvin surullisia uutisia on tullut kaksin kappalein; Olavi, Shepmate’s Super Energy, satutti tapaturmaisesti jalkansa ja jouduttiin sen vuoksi lopettamaan aivan liian nuorena. Toinen samalla viikolla tullut kamala uutinen oli, että Ansa, Shepmate’s Aptness, jouduttiin lopettamaan toistaiseksi tuntemattomasta syystä; koira ajautui todella huonoon kuntoon ja emme tiedä muuta kuin, että ilmeisesti Ansan munuaisissa oli jotakin pahasti vialla. Odotamme ruumiinavauksen tuloksia. Ansan ja Olavin perheille isot halaukset, lämpimät ajatukset ja yhteiset jaetut kirkkaat pienet pisarat poskilla 🙁

Elokuun alussa tapahtunutta:

Viksusta tuli Tottelevaisuus VALIO!!! Hikka kisasi EK3:sen ykköstuloksella 🙂 Purri paimenteli STDs tittelin, Norris sai itselleen ankka legin ja huonoina uutisina Ansalle tuli kohtutulehdus ja Ansa siirtyi juoksuongelmattomiin kisaajiin.

Viksu is now a Finnish Obedience Champion!!! Hikka got her EK3 title with high score, Purri got her STDs tittle and Norris his first duck leg.

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