Mi Sombra Early Summit Race, Nuca

Nuca is a small speed rocket. This girl is like a lightning!

Henna, who has been training and playing with my dogs for four years suddenly lost her own dog and she wanted an aussie 🙂 I started to look around and found an very interesting litter from Austria. The Great Beau was the grandfather 😉 And since I had seen  some very nice performance dogs with Fairoaks backround, I desided to ask for a pup.  I have been more than pleased with this little princess!

She is very friendly, focuses well on her tasks, plays well and she is VERY fast :-)Nuca is very social with dogs, uses her nose very nicely (in tracking and in SAR).

Henna and Nuca make a wonderful team!!! And Nuca’s first exposure with sheep was also impressive, she was immediately very keen and had some nice ideas and she was only 16 weeks! Lovely girl indeed 🙂



Nuca is owned by us and family Nivala
Handler: Henna Nivala
Nucan kuvia / photos
Breeder NIna Krammer, Mi Sombra aussies in Austria

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