BH Shepmate’s Clever Mastermind, Juku

Juku lives in Nokia with Miia’s family and Kosti aussie. Juku is a certified SAR dog and he is active in a SAR group in Nokia area! Juku excells in both SAR and tracking. Juku has done some herding too, he has a nice interest for it!   Now Miia and Juku have also started to do agility 😀

Juku has developped a great focus for his handler and work, Miia and Juku will rock in the SAR for sure 🙂
Juku has turned into a very nice gentleman! Miia is doing very nice work with this young and sensitive sweetheart 😀 I just love Juku’s approach on sheep and specially his ball drive 😀


Owner: Miia Mäkelä
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