Shepmate’s australian shepherds since 1998

My first wish as a child was a dog. I was eight years old when my wish came true, my parents got me a schipperke, Piki, who sealed my future.

Since Piki I have educated myself to be M.Sc in zoology and I am doing my doctor thesis in zoology as well. At the moment I am working as a divisional manager in natural resources education sector.

My family includes my husband Juha Pulliainen, my daughter Pihla born 2005 and my son, Erkki born 2008 and of course my dogs. At the moment I have two dogs at home; Purri and Purri’s pup, Pizu.

My ideas about dogbreeding are very stright. I know for sure that there is not such a thing as perfect dog, but the compromises must be as small as possible. I believe that the health, function and character of the dog are the matters a good breeder will emphazise and value the most.

Australian shepherd is supposed to be a working dog and a shepherd/guardian dog. It means it is not a dog for everyone. A good aussie is not going to be an easy pet, it has potential to be a good working dog, it needs work and if he gets to do some, he will be a very nice companion too. Ideal australian shepherds are true old fashioned dogs, working and versatile, moderate dogs, who will do it all!

I will be as honest in breeding work as I can, I will share all the facts I know about my dogs and my future breedings. I hope that will not scare people of. I just believe, that if your breeder tells you what you are about to get, it is much more safe than to buy a “perfectly healthy dog from perfectly healthy lines”. I mean there are not such lines in today’s world, all dogs have their own genetic faults and a breeder who doesn’t know his/her dogs well enough to realize that is not a good one to deal with.

I have been more than lucky to get very nice people to work with, my puppy buyers are doing marvellous job with the pups and the breeders I have co-operated with, have been a great help!

My desire is to maintain this wonderful breed as a true working dog and work for the healthier future of the breed!

M.Sc Hanna-Mari Laitala, in Kannus 2014