PUPPIES / Pentuja

Shepmate’s F-litter will hopefully arrive at the early 2018!

We are waiting for great companions for all the dogsports.
There should be enough speed, motivation and will to work with the handler 😀
This will be Shepmate’s F(un)-litter since sire’s name Lysti means Fun in english 😀

COI 4,1 (10 generations),

FI TVA, FI PVA, JK2, RTK2 Heathstone’s U Bet Iam, ATDs, OTDd, STDc

Born: 28.11.2009
Hips: A/A (ecxellent) hip index 112
Elbows: 0/0 (normal)
Back: normal
Knees: normal
Eyes: clear 11/2017

HSF2 normal/normal MDR1 normal / normal PRA normal / normal CEA normal / normal CM normal / normal DM carrier DNA-VP

Obedience: OTCH (tottelevaisuusvalio)
Herding: WTCH (FCI trials / paimennusvalio), ASCA ATDs, OTDd, STDc
Tracking: open class / JK2
Rally obedience: in winners class, RTK2

Show result: Very Good, AVO-EH

Purri in koiranet / PEDIGREE

FI KVA, JFI TVA, K3, TK3 Popotin Cabrales, Lysti

Born: 17.5.2013
Elbows: 0/0 (normal)
Hips: B/A (good/excellent), hip index 107
Back: normal
Knees: normal
Eyes: clear 11/2017

HSF4 normal/normal MDR1 normal/normal


Tracking: WTCH käyttövalio

Obedience: OTCH (TK3 and TVA)

Show result: Good, AVO-H

Lystin blogi: LYSTI

Lysti having fun at the age of two years / VIDEO

LYSTI in koiranet / PEDIGREE