Shepmate’s Clever Ace, Pizu

PAIM1, BH Shepmate’s Clever Ace STDs


Pizu is a very easy and nice yound boy. Full of will and speed when working and rather like ”nothing” at home. Most easiest dog to handle that I have owned. Very happy boy, makes me smile just by being around <3

Pizu is a clever dog with good qualities, he loves his toys, food and working 🙂 Pizu is extremely handler oriantated and feels like he is reading my mind. Pizu will have his career in the sports that will suit him the best. He will start his trainings in obedience, tracking, maybe some SAR, herding and possibly some agility…Pizu is built up in slow motion since his handler is burried under other obligations…poor boy should have more to do. Luckily he is coping well to the situation.

Pizu 21 months, photo Ninni Koso

2016 summer pizu

Pizu 2 years, fall 2016



Pizu at the age of ten weeks playing and having fun:

Pizu at the age of 14 weeks playing and ”training” disturbances

Pizu at the age of 16 weeks making his third searching training for food

Pizu tracking at the age of 1-year and after about ten training sessions in the woods

Pizu playing at the age of two